Mara Montoya was born in the United States, grew up in Mexico, and currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland. Since she was a child, Mara has been driven to explore other cultures. Mara graduated from the Humboldt German High School in Guadalajara, Mexico and the Zurich University of the Arts. While there she also participated in an exchange program with the Film Department of Saint-Lukas Brussels University in Belgium.

In the past few years Mara has worked on a number of commissioned film projects and has served as Assistant Director and Producer to develop documentaries, advertisements, and fictional movies/spots.

Mara considers herself an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Her interests include visual art, writing, culture, architecture, robotics, and economies. In her work she tries to explore the tension between social classes. She uses archive material and a documentary approach to create reflective spaces in pursuit of social justice.