"Mark Bain holds a Master’s degree in visual studies from MIT, the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (Cambridge, USA) and studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Sound and architecture are the central vectors of his work. With the help of experimental technology, he seeks new means of artistic production. In more concrete terms, he designed a system with which to ‘listen to buildings’, using equipment that acoustically transcribes the travel of sound through materials and structures. Installing dozens of seismological sensors, he traces the microvibrations that occur in buildings. He then turns these into sound. In 2004, Bain completed (sound) installations imbedded in their locations for the towers of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, for the interior courtyard of the Cologne city hall and for a shopping street in Istanbul. Along with fine art sound projects, Bain is also an active musician, both as a soloist and, for example, as a member of the Mutant Data Orchestra.Selected." (argos festival 2004 catalogue)

‘Start End Time’ (CD, Staalplaat, 2004) ‘Vibronics’ (CD, Staalplaat, 1999) ‘Mommy and I are One’ (CD, De Appel Foundation (‘In the Mean Time’ catalogue), 1996)